While I love coming up with my own recipes, there are a few favourites I have from when I first started out experimenting with vegan cooking, which I find myself continuously going back to. I thought it would be helpful for those still finding their feet with plant based eating to put together a directory of my favourite recipes. All the recipes are straightforward and can be adapted to your liking. I’ve included some notes to indicate any adaptations I make . I’ll keep adding to the directory as I find more recipes I love. Enjoy!

Lunch + Dinner:

  • Vegan Meatballs  [I use my own recipe for the marinara sauce and often substitute the sunflower seeds for whatever I have in the cupboard e.g walnuts]
  • Chickpea and Spinach Dahl  [I usually add broccoli to the curry at the same time as the chickpeas and lentils]
  • Pulled Vork  [I make chipotle aioli instead of BBQ mayo]
  • Quinoa burgers  [I make without the onions and without cheese and use flax egg]
  • Peanut soup 
  • Burnt Aubergine Chilli [I half the amount of stock and double the amount of lentils. I add an extra tin of black beans]
  • Cashew Mac + Cheese [I omit the maple syrup, liquid smoke (I use soy sauce instead), use oat instead of soy milk, omit aqua fab, and use half the amount of mustard]  
  • Mushroom & Walnut Bolognese [I add soy sauce to the mushrooms while they are cooking and omit the apple cider vinegar]