Hello, I’m Fiona, a 20-something year old self-confessed eco-warrior and advocate for social change.

I feel passionately about climate change, conservation and reducing our negative impact on the planet. I believe it is possible reduce our impact on the planet through our everyday choices as consumers, by starting conversations, challenging the status quo and living more consciously.

Born and raised in Scotland, Berlin is where I have called home since 2017. I moved back to Europe after living and working in Sydney for over three years. I will be documenting my travels in Europe, my experiences setting up home in a new city, and of course the challenges in doing so as consciously as possible.

Live Conscious is a sustainable lifestyle and travel blog dedicated to providing useful, practical information and tips on how to live a more conscious life (while in no way implying I am perfect!). I will also share insights from my never-ending research, to save you having to! I hope to eventually cover more topics, including ethical business, politics and feminism.

My goal is for Live Conscious to inspire a fresh way of thinking.


"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, it's not going to get better, it's just not."


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